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Custom Dashboards

The Dashboards on your EMS account can be fully customized by using the Dashboard Designer function. If however you wish to use some standard layouts and then proceed to modify those, here is the code for some sample dashboards, that may be uploaded to your EMS account.

The dashboards on your EMS account are best classified into two types - the Main Dashboard, which can serve as a general overview of all your sites, and the Device Dashboard, which serves as the display for a specific site.

The Main Dashboard, as featured here, displays the site list along with a Map to display the locations and four cumulative counters, to view the total production of all your sites.

The Device Dashboards will often differ, catering to various types of Modbus devices. The following pages display various types of dashboard designs that may be utilized on specific setups.

PV Monitoring Dashboards

  • Single Inverter - Basic Dashboard to display data from a single Inverter.
  • Multiple Inverters - Dashboard to display both cumulative and individual device data for multiple inverters.

Zero Feed-In Dashboards

Diesel Generator Protection Dashboards

Zero Feed-In & Diesel Generator Protection Dashboards

Zero Feed-In & Diesel Generator Protection, w. Weather Station Dashboards

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