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Wattmon EMS Documentation Wiki

Welcome to the Wattmon EMS Wiki! The pages here will help you get familiar with various aspects of the Wattmon Energy Monitoring Solution (EMS) in general, as well as provide detailed information on the configuration and data display interface.

The Wattmon EMS cloud portal is a highly customizable solution that allows for the accessing of real-time data from multiple Wattmon devices in a single place using state of the art visualisation widgets and graphs. Each device can feature unique dashboards based on the configuration, so to show relevant device-specific data. The admin user may also add sub-users to whom each site can be allocated with read-only privileges.

Please see the major categories below to start navigating through your EMS account.

To set-up your Wattmon to export data to your EMS account, follow the Data Export Settings on your device as explained here.

Important Topics by Subject

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