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Wattmon EMS Account Levels

The Wattmon EMS cloud portal features two levels of access on the EMS portal, which are as follows :

  • Administrator - Allotted to the installer or direct customer of Cynergy.
  • Regular User - Allotted by the installer to the end customer.

The administrator privileges allow you to add or remove sites, modify existing dashboards by displaying the data of your choice in a manner chosen by you, and add more users to share dedicated sites with. The regular user, a sub-account of the administrator access, is the end user who gets read-only privileges that allow the user to view the data in a manner chosen by the administrator, and also download the data in .csv files, an MS Excel executable format.

Wattmon Demo Account

Here is provided a sample account from the Wattmon EMS, featuring the level access normally given to the Regular User, or end customer.

There will be five sites visible, showcasing a variety with individual or multiple inverters, some performing Zero Export of Energy to the grid, as well as Diesel Generator Protection - which will give you an idea of what a monitoring site may look like. You can however customize and modify or design from scratch all of these dashboards, choosing which parameters are displayed in which format. Given that this is a demo account, several features are view-only - so the Active / Inactive devices will not redirect to a device dashboard - however you can access the device dashboards from the main dashboard by clicking on the device status widget for a corresponding site. (Note that this change in device access is only for the Demo account and will not be reflected in either the Admin or Regular user accounts.)

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